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Alexandre Frota

Alexandre Frota
  • First Name: Alexandre
  • Last Name: Frota
  • Body Build: Bodybuilder
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Model, Football Player, TV Presenter
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Dark Intermediate
  • Nationality: Brazillian
  • Height: 188 cm

Alexandre Frota was born Alexandre Frota de Andrade in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, October 14 1964. Alexandre is a Brazilian actor, director, model, presenter and football player. Lately, he has become known for his performances as a porn star. He began his film career in soap operas mostly published by Globo TV Network and also in Brazillian films. He has performed in many adult films. he is known for his large penis and muscular physique.

Personal Life

Has been married to Claudia Raia from 15 February 1986 until they divorced in 1989. He then married Andrea Oliveira , her second wife, which lasted only a few months.


Alexandre was discovered in a contest set out to uncover young talent in the industry of amateur videos, he received great prominence, after puberty, when he started taking roles in adult films.

He acted in several soap operas on TV Globo television and also in the cinema and gained huge recognition when he participated in the first edition of the reality show Casa dos Artistas, in SBT , where he excelled alongside Supla.

He also participated in a reality show named "Celebrity Farm" in Portugal and turned out second place, with the first being the controversial José Castelo Branco . Alexandre Frota returned to Portugal, where he made several strips and was the show Fri Fever . Immediately following, he entered into a new reality show, entitled "First Company", in which Joseph Castelo Branco also participated. Alexandre Frota posed nude for Brazilian G Magazine four times, and he is the man that posed the most often in the shortest ammount of time in the magazine's history. 4 Times in 6 years (October 2001, January 2003, September 2004 and January 2006).

In December 2005 , was investigated by police for alleged links with the drug traffic world.

In 2004 , surprised the audience by signing a contract with the producer of pornographic films Brasileirinhas. Became famous for being the first actor in Brazil to openly enter this field. Other actors like David Cardoso, had acted in such a film, but their identity was always hidden by pseudonyms, and subsequently denied in interviews that they had worked as porn stars.

Shortly after, Alexander created a new controversy in the same industry, when he made porn film with a transvestite named "Bianca Smith". Alexandre shocked his fans by this and gained allot of fame.

In 2006, he was involved in a fight during the TV Show "Superpop", speaking of his disaffection with the transsexual Renata Finsk (actress). The presenter Luciana Gimenez stirred Alexandre when she suggesting that such a relationship with the transsexual actress had gone beyond a kiss.

In February 2008, after signing a 3 year contract with Rede Record as an artistic supervisor, he declared: "I would rather starve, but I won't do porn anymore" indicating his departure from the porn industry.

In June 2009, he left the management team of the reality show The Farm, after disagreements with the director of the TV Show, Rodrigo Carelli.He said there were no fights, just differences of opinion regarding the pace of the program which he consider to be be "very slow.

In September 2010, he announced that he will play football for Corinthians Steamrollers, the team that represents the Corinthians in the sport.He will defend with the team in the Championship race wearing the number 77 shirt.

In 2011 he signed with SBT started taking part in the comedy program "It's Our Place".


Soap Operas

2002 - Marisol (SBT).... Mário Soares

1995 - Cara e Coroa.... Boca

1992 - Perigosas Peruas.... Jaú

1989 - Olho por Olho.... Rico

1989 - Top Model.... Raul

1987 - Sassaricando.... Apolo

1985 - Roque Santeiro.... Luizão

1984 - Livre para Voar.... Cecílio

Mini Series

1997 - Por Amor e Ódio (Record).... Santiago

1997 - Olho da Terra (Record).... Marcelo

1991 - O Sorriso do Lagarto.... Tavinho

1990 - Boca do Lixo.... Tomás

1988 - Chapadão do Bugre (Bandeirantes).... Estevãozinho

TV Series

2006 -Mandrake (HBO).... Jorginho

2002 - Turma do Gueto (Record).... Nenê / Kadu

1998 - Malhação.... Robson

1995 - Malhação.... Pavão

TV Shows and Reality Shows

2011/atualmente - A Praça É Nossa (SBT).... Robin

2010 - Legendários (Record).... narrador

2009/2010 - A Fazenda (Record).... diretor

2008 - Hoje em Dia (Record).... apresentador....diretor

2007 - Show do Tom (Record).... quadro "Bofe de Elite".... Capitão Monumento

2007 - O Melhor do Brasil (Record).... quadro "As Aparências Enganam"

2005 - Primeira Companhia

2004 - Quinta das Celebridades

2001 - Casa dos Artistas (SBT)


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