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Anjani Thomas

Anjani Thomas
  • First Name: Anjani
  • Last Name: Thomas
  • Body Build: Slim
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Light
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 165 cm

Anjani Thomas was born on July 10, 1959. She is an American piano musician and singer. She is well known for her collaborations with Leonard Cohen, Carl Anderson, Frank Gambale, and Stanley Clarke. Anjani became a solo artist in 2000.

"Anjani is known for impeccable sense of tone," says Leonard Cohen, music legend who produced and wrote with it, Anjani's album, "Blue Alert.

"I never knew that we're creating a disc," says Anjani. "I thought we made a demo for Leonard. But "Blue Alert" was to become her successful album. It began with some handwritten lines: "There's perfume burning in the air / bits of beauty everywhere", Which she observed Anjani Cohen's office. This was the first draft of "Blue Alert," which Cohen intended to record himself. Surprisingly even for her, Anjani asked if he can take it. He replied: "You can have it for a minute or two, then I must get her back."

Anjani went to the studio to sing Cohen's new poem and then introduced him to a disarming way, "Leonard, I don't know if you like it... but here's a jazz approach." Listening Anjani's performance, Cohen was so impressed that he let her search for other lyrics in his notebook: "Anjani sings from a place that very few singers managed to sing."
Once having access to the work of Cohen, Anjani found her own creative talent and began writing poetry inspired by those of her master.
An album began to take shape, but Anjani needed more material, so she resorted to unpublished notes from Leonard's old notebooks.
The song "Thanks for the Dance", for example, began with a single line that Anjani and Cohen turned into a complete song. "So we moved from one song to another with Anjani who found pieces of poetry and forced me to finish them," explains L. Cohen.

One of the most intense points is "Innermost Door," which Cohen describes it as "... something irevesibil, but something inevitable." Saying Goodbye / at the innermost door, I suppose that is a safe end, but a definite match. Don't know what it means, but Anjani lyrics brought to life. "

When it came time to record "Blue Alert, Anjani and Leonard decided to work on the studio's Ed Sanders, who recorded the disc on an old camera Telefunken. Anjani said that she loves old equipment records because she is "an old fashioned girl." herself.

The "Old-fashioned Girl" was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and took piano lessons, guitar and singing before entering the Berkley College of Music.

Later moving to Manhattan, Anjani played in jazz clubs.

Leonard Cohen was presented in 1984 by producer John Lissauer and became a member of his band as backing vocalist.

In 2000, Anjani has released a CD single, which combined the "blending jazz, folk and hawaiian influences. Never been a step up from "Divine Blue Alert.


ANJANI THOMAS-BLUE ALERT-LEONARD COHEN Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas at Først & sist, NRK, 2007, part 1 of 3 ANJANI THOMAS - Innermost Door Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas at Først & sist, NRK, 2007, part 2 of 3 Anjani Thomas - Half the Perfect World Anjani ~ No One After You Leonard Cohen - If It Be Your Will (live 1985) Leonard Cohen/Anjani duet- Whither Thou Goest. Joe's pub NY Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas at Først & sist, NRK, 2007, part 3 of 3 - Thanks for the Dance Anjani Thomas @ Jools Holland - Innermost Door (Live) Crazy To Love You- Anjani Thomas LEONARD COHEN and ANJANI THOMAS Leonard Cohen - Night Comes On (live 1985) Leonard Cohen/Anjani (introduction), Joe's Pub NYC Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas: A Love Story Leonard Cohen and others - "So Long Marianne" Leonard Cohen - Diamonds in the Mine (live performance 1985) Tell Me Everything Leonard Cohen behind the camera... Anjani Birthday Montage Adam Cohen - Take this Waltz (in spanish) Leonard Cohen - I Tried to Leave You (first 10 minutes) (live, Kalvøya, Norway, 1985) leonard cohen cuckoo club 26-03-07 Leonard Cohen - Story of Isaac (live, Kalvøya, Norway, 1985) Leonard Cohen - Passing Through (live 1985) Leonard Cohen - Band rehearsal (1985) Leonard Cohen - I Tried to Leave You (last minute) (live, Kalvøya, Norway, 1985) LEONARD COHEN - Light As The Breeze UNDERTOW - Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen - Heart With No Companion (live, Kalvøya, Norway, 1985) Leonard Cohen - Undertow.wmv Osamu Kitajima introduces his band members_1991 Leonard Cohen - Bird on the Wire (live 1985) Leonard Cohen and Anjani at Joe's Pub in NYC (1 of 2)
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