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Catalin Botezatu

Catalin Botezatu
  • First Name: Catalin
  • Last Name: Botezatu
  • Body Build: Average
  • Occupation: Fashion Designer, Model
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Height: 180 cm

Botezatu began his fashion career in 1984 as a model of Venus fashion house, headed by Zina Dumitrescu. He opened his first couture house in 1996 and launched many luxurious and exotic collections: "Buddha Bar", "Egyption", "Kyoto", "Angels", "Ameno", "Chicago", etc.. and a successful line of male underwear.

He received many local awards ("Designer of the Year" - four times, "Fashion Excellence Award - twice," Award for best designer of haute couture "- twice). In 2004 receives the "Prize for Best Collection" (Kyoto collection) Festival "Bali Fashion Week.

Also in 2004 became the first Romanian designer who appears in the prestigious magazine "Fashion Book." Botezatu be involved in all aspects of its presentation, renowned for its spectacular shows and sometimes shocking.

It is one of the owners of Bamboo club in Bucharest.


Burlacul Catalin Botezatu FINALA Paris Iubita lui Catalin Botezatu surprinsa de paparazzi - Romania mondena Catalin Botezatu - Romanian Men Romania ex model Rumania guy Dani Otil, penisul si Catalin Botezatu Mondenii - 3 Noiembrie 2009 - Catalin Botezatu Catalin Botezatu Interviu - Catalin Botezatu si Ferrari - ProMotor Violeta, aleasa lui Catalin Botezatu Catalin Botezatu   Liuba Savitchi  - Stomp.flv Catalin Botezatu Couture Fashion Week February 2010 Couture Fashion Week Catalin Botezatu 2010 Catalin Botezatu Fashion Show at the Waldorf-Astoria New York Neatza Cluj cu Catalin Botezatu Un Show Pacatos - V-am pupat , numai bine! [† CASTIGATOR CATALIN BOTEZATU †] Couture Fashion Week - Catalin Botezatu Catalin Botezatu NYF08 - Backstage! Idila Mihaela Tatu si Catalin Botezatu - David Bisbal 1Top Catalin Botezatu -podium, interviu -New York Carmen Harra si Catalin Botezatu la Happy Hour - partea III
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