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Elena Udrea

Elena Udrea
  • First Name: Elena
  • Last Name: Udrea
  • Body Build: Slim
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Light
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Height: 167 cm

Elena Udrea was born on 26 December 1973. His political opponents say Elena Udrea was born in Plescoi (place of origin of the famous sausage "Plescoi"). However, Elena Udrea said she had been born in Buzau.


In 1992 he graduated from high school "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" in Buzau, Department of Philology - Languages, and in 1996, Legal and Administrative Sciences Faculty of the Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir" Bucuresti. In the same period, she followed the courses of the National Defense College.

M.Sc. National Defense University "Carol I", PhD in military science

National Defense University "Carol I", Masters in National Security and Defense

National Defense University "Carol I", Resources Management College Defense and Educational Procurement

National Defense University "Carol I" National College "Carol I", Series XIV-A, Defense and National Security Expert

Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir, Faculty of Legal and Administrative Studies, Bucharest

Petriceicu Hasdeu Highschool in Buzau


Elena Udrea ascent began in 1997 when she became a lawyer Law Office holder "Elena Udrea Gabriela in Bucharest.

She worked at the law firm until 2002 when she made his entrance on the Romanian political scene by joining National Liberal Party. In June 2004 she became alderman of the Liberal Party. On October 21, 2005 resigned from the Liberal Party, and on February 12, 2006 is included in the PD.

Elena Udrea made, among other things, a serious mistake made in a television broadcast, in connection with the constitutional arrangements of the State of Norway and EU membership.

By October 2005, Elena Udrea was State Councilor and Head of Presidential Administration of the Presidential Chancellery.

In autumn 2005, Elena Udrea resigned from her position of President, citing the attacks "deeply unfair" and react to others who support the fight against corruption. It said that the insinuations made by the media denigrate her image and the presidents. However, this resignation was not the end of her political career, it was actually the opposite.

In 2007, Elena Udrea was involved in another media scandal, which was known in the press as "note scandal". She said, all in a televised broadcast that Prime Minister Tariceanu called on President Basescu, an intervention in favor of justice for Dinu Patriciu.

On 30 November 2008, Elena Udrea was elected deputy.

Why is she important?

Elena Udrea is a person famous for her political ascension. However, she is one of the less pleasant appearances on the Romanian political scene.

Why Famous?

Elena Udrea became famous after his incredible political ascent. This rise was attributed to an alleged relationship with President Traian Basescu.


- In May 2006 she was photographed by Gabriel Hennessey magazine, "The One Magazine".

- She is very sensual and feminine but also strong.


Elena Udrea   DOVADA   Cel mai blond neuron Corneliu Vadim Tudor in studeu cu "Elena Udrea EBa+Sida, Basescu" Elena Udrea calareste - Romanian  minister lady  on horse - Romania Mondenii Elena Udrea 14 04 2009 Corneliu  Vadim Tudor: "Elena Udrea e o rapandula" Animat Planet - Base & Elena Udrea Vanghelie Si Elena Udrea Portret Elena Udrea Elena Udrea Tricoteaza Romanian Woman Politician Elena Udrea Elena Udrea la Suceava Elena Udrea Elena Udrea la Topoloveni Elena Udrea - Berbesti Elena Udrea si stiloul Elena Udrea La Vaslui.mpg Elena Udrea Elena Udrea la Shanghai
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