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Johann Holzel

Johann Holzel
  • First Name: Johann
  • Last Name: Holzel
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Light
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Place of Death: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  • Cause of Death: Car Accident
  • Height: 175 cm

Johann (Hans) Hölzel better known as his stage name Falco, was an Austrian pop-rock singer known for songs like "Der Kommissar", "Rock Me Amadeus", "Jeanny" and "Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2) . With his song "Rock Me Amadeus" he became the first and so far the only artist to reach number one spot in the U.S. with a song sung in German. Albums and songs have sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Born on February 19, 1957 in Vienna, studied at the conservatory in that city in 1977 but after only one semester he quit to pursue a career in the music industry. Spend a short time in West Berlin where he sang in a jazz-rock band.

When he returned to Vienna he took the stage name - Falco, Falko Weißpflog tribute to East German skiers. In the same period playing with bands Spinning Wheel and Hallucination Company. Between 1978-1983 the band played as Drahdiwaberl. With the band, he sang the song "Ganz Wien", which was included the debut solo album, Einzelhaft.

Falco's first hit was "Der Kommissar" from the 1982 album "Einzelhaft". A German language song about drug abuse that combines rap with pop. The song was a hit in many countries but has no impact on the U.S. market. In 1983 it was reinterpreted by the British band After the American Iron and Laura Branigan, with lyrics in English.

After the second album - "Junge Roemer" failed to bring him success even before the album (except Germany and Austria, where the disc has reached the first position), Falco began to experiment, singing in English and changing the producing team. The result was to be his most popular album and single of his career.

Falco records Rock Me Amadeus "inspired by the movie"Amadeus", and the play becomes an international hit in 1986. This time the song brings the success you are looking for - a no. 1 in USA and UK. The song remains three weeks at number one in the U.S. and the album "Falco 3" reaches 3rd position on the Billboard Top 200. The song would reach many top rankings, including the Soviet Union and Japan. From the same album track "Vienna Calling" is another worldwide hit.

The song "Jeanny," the third single from the album "Falco 3" is another hit song for Falco, but brings them critics in Germany and the Netherlands. The story is told from the perspectives play a possible murderer and rapist. Although the ballad was not a success in the U.S. and many DJs have refused to serve, inspired to do another two Falco still play.

In 1986 the release of "Emotional" and then goes on a world tour that was to expire in 1987 in Japan. Also in 1987 the duo recorded "Body Next To Body" with Brigitte Nielsen a hit in the Germanic countries. The album "Wiener Blut" in 1988 does not receive very much attention to excetia Germany and Austria.

After "Jeanny" followed a few hits in Europe but Falco was rarely aired a UK and U.S.. In 1992 he had attempted to return with album Nachtflug "and with" Titanic" Although it receives numerous considerations and fails to climb the charts.

Falco died after a car accident in the Dominican Republic on February 6, 1998, just two weeks before hus 41 years aniversary. As initially speculated that Falco would have consumed alcohol and drugs, rumors removed by autopsy. Falco worked to death when a comeback album (Out Of The Dark - released on February 27, after death). He was buried in Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in Vienna, Austria.


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