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Laura Cosoi

Laura Cosoi
  • First Name: Laura
  • Last Name: Cosoi
  • Body Build: Slim
  • Occupation: Dancer, Model
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Romanian

Laura COSO - Anna was born on 2 January 1982. It is a young dancer and model who was discovered by the television channel PRO TV.

Why Famous?

Laura COSO is famous primarily for Smiley's girlfriend, singer Simple. Secondly, it is famous for someone that has played in several Romanian films and especially because he represented Romania at the "Dancing" in Mexico.


COSO Laura began her career as a dancer as a child, her mother was taking advantage of aerobic trainer. Laura took up ballet at the age of 12 years and during all these years she has participated in many dance competitions. Laura inherited her mother's talent has won many awards. At 20 years of age Laura has appeared on the small screen in TV series "The Block" where he played with many important people in Romania mondena world.

Giving evidence of talent and labor force Laura came onto many important people in television. Thus Miss Cosoi began to pose for various magazines and was invited to many shows. The highest point in her career was when she participated in the contest Dancing where she showed the true quality of a dancer.

Immediately after she became famous on the small screen she began receiving offers to pose in magazines for men. Laura accepted the offer and thus appeared in Playboy magazine nude. That number has sold very well and recorded high revenues because many men wanted to see Laura nude. Laura is currently dealing with contracts and especially its future has resumed shooting for that will be the star of a TV series.


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