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Ratanjit Sondhe
  • First Name: Ratanjit
  • Last Name: Sondhe
  • Body Build: Average
  • Occupation: Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Light
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Nationality: Indian

Ratanjit is an internationally renowned author, writer, and columnist. He was born in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India on December 30th, 1939. His charming parables and captivating real-to-life stories have touched the hearts, minds, and souls of his readers. His stories are relatable, and easy to comprehend so that anyone can benefit from his experience and wisdom to create an empowering, joyful and stress-free life!

Ratanjit became famous in the whole world in the past 12 years for writing hundreds of quotes, and many award winning papers, plus many honored articles.  Ratanjit's most succesful and also his first book, is "The Secret of Success", which he wrote in 1995 and released it again in 2007 with the new title "The Secret of Our Ultimate Success".

Ratanjit is also a Radio and TV Personality. His charismatic personality, quck wit and the ability to answer any question simply and inteligently gave him alot of success in hosting for TV and Radio Channels. Ratanjit hosts a weekly Radio Program, "Quick Thoughts", and also the International TV Program.
All three are titled Stress-Free Living and highlight a different real world topic like success, wealth, motivation, luck, relationships, quality, and values to name only a sampling.

In 1968, Ratanjit emigrated from India, his country of origin, and went to the United States to complete his Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry. Ratanjit didn't take long to adapt to his new environment. He found himself at home in America, where he saw opportunities plentiful for anyone willing to work hard, take risks, and operate on solid principles.

He worked through many difficulties and founded POLY-CARB, a global multi-million dollar construction and road-building materials corporation that was acquired by The Dow Chemical Company in 2007. POLY-CARB was structured on a modern-style leadership paradigm in which there were no bosses or titles, and team members were given direction by the company’s mission statement, path, and operating principles.

After serving as Chairman and CEO of POLY-CARB for 34 years, Ratanjit became a consultat dedicating considerable time towards uniting our global community through economic development and service-oriented initiatives.

Ratanjit currently serves on executive boards and advisory councils for international business groups, privately held corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations. He is the founder of various entrepreneurial organizations and business groups, and most recently, is credited as a founding father of the ground-breaking Multicultural Business Development Center (MBDC), a nationwide initiative between the National Urban League, the Kauffman Foundation, and the Business Roundtable that helps to develop new, culturally diverse business enterprises.

Internationally, Ratanjit has traveled as an Ambassador of Humanity, strengthening international commerce and trade relations between the United States and the countries of China and India. Additionally, he has led various trade delegations and has served as official Ambassador to India by the World Trade Center Cleveland. 


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